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Transport of your dogs by car
PATAS offers private transport by car of your pets within The Netherlands. We also service Belgium, Germany, France, Luxemburg (maximum distance approx. 1000kms from Utrecht).

Your dogs are our exclusive travelers on a trip and under our continuous care.

PATAS goal is the safety of your family pet and to reduce stress on your dogs during their trip. Your dog travels with no other pets. We offer dogmoving services short or long distance for trips to and from or within The Netherlands. This is an exclusive service for those requiring personalized attention.

• Private - Dedicated exclusively to your pet with no other dogs in the vehicle
• Full door to door road service
• Walked at rest areas at least every three (3) hours
• Dog never left unattended during transport
• All dog breeds welcome
• Professional and experienced driver
• Drinking water always available
Safe transport (see pictures)

For safe transport of your dog by road to or from The Netherlands, please contact us by e-mail. We speak Dutch, English, German and Spanish.

Let the dogtaxi take your dogs to the vet, the groomer, or wherever they need to go (advance notice required). In addition to pick up and/or drop off, we can accompany your dogs to their veterinary appointment, the dog photographer or any other destination. If you'd like someone to do more than just drop off and pick up your dogs, we'll offer a chaperoned visit. We'll take them to their vet appointment and stay with them, then bring them back home.

Safe transport
The PATAS van has air-conditioning and roof ventilation. Furthermore the van is equipped with dog treats, fresh water, a lot of clean towels and a first aid kit.

Security and Privacy
It PATAS policy to protect the privacy and personal information of our clients as diligently as if it were our own. Personal information, including the client's name, phone number, address, email, or dog's information, will not be disclosed to any third parties without expressed consent of the client. We take precautions ensure our client's absence from home is not detected due to any careless actions or disclosures by the walker. We respect our client's privacy and will restrict our activities to those areas we need to access in order to take care of your dogs.

What do we charge?
Rates for dog taxi and other related services depend on your specific wishes. We would be pleased to inform you personally about our possibilities and conditions. All our rates are including local tax.

Payment is due at or before the time of service. Please note that unpaid service may result in cancellation of service, with or without notice, including prior to or during the service period. You receive a specified invoice for services rendered.












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